Calvary Methodist Church, DFW


Very Revd. Moses Antwi



Moses Antwi is an ordained minister of the Methodist Church Ghana with varied experience in the itinerant ministry and currently the Superintendent Minister of the Washington Circuit. He is a product of God’s grace. He comes from Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa. His main goal is to serve God by helping others have a personal encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ and to use their God-given abilities to fulfill their God-given mission and ministry. He is highly committed to evangelism, church planting, missions, and church growth. He passionately believes that it is mandatory for every citizen in the Kingdom of God to walk, live and demonstrate the supernatural power of God. Every citizen must not be a spectator of God’s supernatural power. In the Kingdom of God, every citizen is a player, not a spectator.


  1. Prempeh College 1985-1990 – O’level Certificate

  2. Christian Service University College 1995-1998 – Diploma in Biblical Studies

  3. University of Ghana -Legon 1995-1998 – Diploma in Theology

  4. Trinity Theological Seminary 1998-1999 – Certificate in Ministry

  5. Trinity Theological Seminary2003-2005 – Bachelor of Divinity

  6. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology 2009-2011 – Master of Philosophy

  7. Liberty University – EdD Student


Served as a freelance Evangelist (at Kumasi Central Market and Asafo Market) 1992-1996

  1. Dompoasi section, Fomena Circuit: 1999 – 2001, Obuasi Diocese

  2. Anyinam Society, Obuasi Circuit: 2001 – 2003, Obuasi Diocese

  3. Fan milk Section, Awoshie Circuit: 2003 – 2005, Accra Diocese

  4. Dominase Circuit, Dominase Circuit: 2005 – 2007, Obuasi Diocese

  5. Jinijini Circuit, Jinijini Circuit: 2007 – 2009, Sunyani Diocese

  6. Akurem Society, Asawasi Section: 2009 – 2011, Kumasi Diocese

  7. Offinso Circuit, Offinso circuit: 2011 – 2012, Kumasi diocese

  8. Newark NJ Circuit, Newark NJ: 2013- 2018, North America Mission Diocese

  9. Washington Circuit, Washington Circuit 2018 to date, North America Mission Diocese


  1. SRC member 1996-1998 at Christian Service College (Christian Service University College)

  2. GHAFES Treasurer 1996-1997 Christian Service College

  3. GHAFES Vice President 1997-1998 -Christian Service College

  4. Secretary to Fellowship of Student in Theological Institutions (Kumasi branch) 1997-1998

  5. Obuasi Diocesan Christian Education Coordinator 2001-2003

  6. Obuasi Diocesan Youth Organizer (DYO) 2001-2003

  7. Secretary to Obuasi Diocesan F.K. 2001-2003

  8. Secretary to Obuasi Diocesan Committee on Education & Youth 2001-2003

  9. Secretary to Obuasi Diocese 10th Anniversary Planning Committee 2007

  10. Obuasi Diocesan Youth Organizer (DYO) 2005-2007

  11. Sunyani Diocese Evangelism coordinator 2007-2009

  12. Secretary to Sunyani Diocesan Committee on Evangelism 2007-2009

  13. Sunyani Diocesan Assistant Journal Secretary 2007-2009

  14. Kumasi Diocesan assistant Daily record secretary 2012

  15. Board member Offinso Rural enterprise project 2012

  16. North America Mission Evangelism coordinator 2013-2019

  17. North America Mission Daily Record secretary 2013-2019

  18. North America Mission Lay Preacher’s Coordinator 2016-2018

  19. Coordinator for Ministry- North America Mission Diocese 2015 to date

  20. TEE facilitator- North America Mission Diocese 2019 to date

  21. Assistant Synod Secretary-North America Mission Diocese 2019 to date

  22. Discipleship Training Faculty Member- The Methodist Church Ghana 2020 to date


  1. Community of Shalom Development at Accra in 1999

  2. Mission and Leadership Advance Seminar (MALAS) at Accra in 2001

  3. National Conference on Evangelization (NACOE) at Accra in 2001

  4. Evangelism consultation in Nigeria in 2008

  5. Mission conference II at Kumasi in 2008

  6. Methodist Church Conference member since 2006

  7. A demonstrator at the Department of Religious Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology for 2011/2012 Academic year from August 1, 2011, to May 31, 2012.

  8. A member of Apostolic Discipleship Movement (an international organization)

  9. A member of the community of Shalom Development in the USA