Calvary Methodist Church, DFW

Slogan: The Storehouse, Give to Win

Vision: To provide Calvary the opportunity to be a blessing to the community through outreach

Mission: To mobilize resources throughout the year and donate to the needy in the community we serve.

The Storehouse Ministry is firmly rooted in Malachi 3:10, which is a call to all believers to provide resources to the church for the sole purpose of meeting the needs of our communities. This ministry is established to be the vehicle that will lead the outreach and evangelism effort of the church. We seek to mobilize resources (donatable items) throughout the year and make donations to specific groups or individuals in the community at least twice a year.

We strongly believe that as a church, our presence in any community must bring the presence of God to that community. The presence of God brings liberty, healing, redemption and provision. Through this ministry, we want the community to experience the immeasurable presence of God and that is why we invite you to be part of this ministry by donating items and money to the church to help us serve our community.

As you respond to the calling of helping this ministry, may the good Lord reward your efforts and bless your household!