Calvary Methodist Church, DFW

Calvary Methodist

Women’s Fellowship (Make His service your delight, He will make your want His care!)

The Women’s Fellowship is a women’s group within the church that seeks to mobilize all the women in the church for God’s work. Established in 1931, the organization has helped the Methodist Church Ghana to accomplish a lot in the areas of Health, Education, Social Welfare and Gender & Family issues.

Locally, the organization takes active role in the Children Ministry and lead the family education and spiritual life of the church. They hold regular meetings once a month and represent the church in various community events.


The aim of the Women’s Fellowship is to unite Christian women in the church in fellowship with one another and with Jesus Christ, so that the spiritual life of each member may be enriched and that all working together, may give the fullest support to the church of Christ.


The members of this ministry:

  • Promise to obey Jesus Christ
  • Promise to make their home a Christian home
  • Promise to be loyal to the fellowship
  • Promise to take part in some definite Christian service